Solent Podiatry Isle of Wight Chiropody & Podiatry specialising in Biomechanics

Treatments & Pricing

Chiropody £22.00
An in depth foot treatment, of both feet approximately 30 minutes: includes nail trimming, corn and callus debridement and a complimentary relaxing soft tissue foot massage.

Verrucae £8.00
Debridement of overlying verrucae tissue, and application of various modalities including acids, enucleation and homeopathic remedies as instructed.

Cryosurgery £17.50
Nitrous oxide at -89 degrees to freeze the entire verrucae, a painful but effective treatment

Biomechanical assessment £150.00
A comprehensive analysis, a blue print of how the entire body moves. Includes video gait analysis, computerised pressure measurement scan, clinical testing of range of motion available at the joints of the body, muscle testing and proprioception. May lead to the prescription of orthotics. 

Functional orthotics £195.00
Prescription of a bespoke medical appliance to correct walking patterns or postural problems. An analogy can be made between eye glasses and orthotics both improve bodily imperfections that inhibit people from functioning at the maximum physical potential.

Nail Surgery £150.00
Either a partial or total nail removal under local anaesthetic, with or without phenolisation.

LCN modern toenail correction £40.00 per nail or £100.00 full set
A nail is moulded to the shape of a nail used either cosmetically or medically, for example, in the instance of fungal nail infections.

IOW Gazette - August 2008
This 16 year old, came to us after seeing another podiatrist. She was complaining of pain in the balls of her feet radiating up her legs, particularly bad first thing in the morning and after a long day. The pain was so bad that it prevented her from walking to school ...
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The Ultimate Biomechanical Assessment
Functional Orthotics
Solent Podiatry Isle of Wight Chiropody & Podiatry specialising in Biomechanics