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The Ultimate Assessment

Solent Podiatry's specialist biomechanics podiatrist Adam Denley carries out a detailed clinical and physical examination. The assessment includes a digital video gait analysis using the latest technology, which involves the patient walking bare footed on a treadmill and then running in their training shoes. A computerised pressure plate scan of the feet is taken both standing and walking over a special plate to assess the body centre of mass (gravity) and efficiency of the feet, legs and back. 

A detailed comprehensive biomechanical assessment of the structure and function of your body can help to identify factors that may be causing or contributing to discomfort. Following the assessment you may be prescribed with functional orthotics (shoe insoles) which often result in prevention of foot surgery. Most runners and athletes (amateur & professional) benefit from orthoses for a variety conditions. The orthotics are manufactured from a plaster of paris cast of the feet, to improve the efficiency of your biomechanics.

The assessment will take approximately 2½ hours and  a full report and printouts of the findings will be provded for you to take away. 

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The Ultimate Biomechanical Assessment
Functional Orthotics
Solent Podiatry Isle of Wight Chiropody & Podiatry specialising in Biomechanics