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About Solent Podiatry

About Solent Podiatry

Solent Podiatry was founded in 2007 by Karen and Adam Denley. The practice was first established by Karen in 1991, who qualified as a Surgical Chiropodist. The business has developed a reputation for quality and service and as a result is a successful practice that regularly takes on new patients from all walks of life.

Through Karen’s vast experience as a Podiatrist, she now offers a range of treatments including advanced surgical and chiropody techniques, nail surgery and LCN modern toe nail correction. In 2006, Karen was joined by Adam Denley, who qualified at Durham School of Podiatric Medicine as a Podiatrist who specialised in biomechanics and musculo-skeletal problems.

Podiatric biomechanics studies the effects of internal and external forces acting on the human body, and deals specifically with the structure and function of the feet in relation to the legs, hips and spine. Adam has been treating and adjusting various biomechanical disorders and injuries throughout the body by prescribing functional orthotics (shoe insoles).

Solent Podiatry recognises the growing importance and impact of technology within biomechanics. Therefore using the latest technological advancements we can offer the ultimate biomechanical assessment that will lead to accurate diagnosis and treatment of foot, leg and back pain or injuries associated with faulty biomechanics.

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IOW Gazette - August 2008
This 16 year old, came to us after seeing another podiatrist. She was complaining of pain in the balls of her feet radiating up her legs, particularly bad first thing in the morning and after a long day. The pain was so bad that it prevented her from walking to school ...
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The Ultimate Biomechanical Assessment
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Solent Podiatry Isle of Wight Chiropody & Podiatry specialising in Biomechanics